Reading with your children

One of the great aspects of being a parent is witnessing their learning every day. Sharing a story with your child is one of the many ways you can openly enjoy their learning.

To make the most of these special moments, remember that we read for pleasure as well as for information, so reading with someone should always be pleasurable and not stressful. Reading is more than just decoding the words on the page accurately, it is about understanding what the author is really telling you and how you think about that.

However, if your child isn’t as thrilled with reading as I am, here are a few tips you may find helpful when sharing a book together.

  • Take turns reading
  • Talk about the story so far – any surprises, favourite bits…
  • Together speculate what might happen next
  • Talk about the characters – do you know someone like him/her?
  • Simply enjoy these moments

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