The Development of London’s Underground Railways


Railways have a fascination that extends to a very large population. Both current and past. Dickens was fascinated by great steam monsters, and the interest has certainly not waned over time.

The London Underground has a particular fascination, both for its iconic status and for its operational capability. The population of London has long since outgrown that envisaged by its early developers, yet it continues to provide an amazing service to locals and visitors alike.


As a teen I was told of the experience of travelling on the early steam trains through the dark tunnels of the original system. A fairly harrowing experience by all accounts: smoky and dirty.


Dennis Marsh’s work “The Development of the London’s Underground Railways’ is fascinating for the information it contains about the process from the 1850s to the 1950s. It is wide ranging and detailed and contains much factual matter of many aspects of the system’s development.


Additional fascination comes from the fact that the work is a personal, hand made account, produced in great detail and with painstaking care. The many hand drawn maps and the illustrations make is very easy to read and gives the reader a great insight into that fascinating development.


Travel on a Metro or Underground rail system in any country will not be the same for readers of this book. The insight and information gained must open readers’ eyes to much that would otherwise be passed by as they travel.


‘The Development of London’s underground Railways’ by Dennis O Marsh can be downloaded, for free, at:



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