About Us

At Read Our Books we are motivated by the wish to join a community of readers with the intention of learning more about others’ reading choices in order to widen our own.

We are also keen writers who believe that the communication and involvement between readers and writers builds deeper, more meaningful literature.

Rae and Gray Clayton started this site with the hope it may grow into an interesting and positive portal for encouraging successful reading and writing. We don’t intend to try to tell anyone what they ‘should’ read or write or to pontificate about what ‘good’ writing or reading consists of. We are much more interested in growing our own capabilities, knowledge and understanding by being part of a growing community. There is always more to learn and sharing, discussing, evaluating and building are the blocks that support that learning,

We are based in New Zealand. But being in a small country at the bottom of the world, surrounded by a vast ocean doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t engage in discussions and debate with anyone from anywhere. Online forums can be very rewarding. We hope this one will be.